Random Game Wednesdays: Pong (Atari Flashback Classics Vol 1)

One of the gifts I received for Christmas this year was a copy of Atari Flashback Classics Vol 1 for the Xbox One. It includes over 50 old Atari games, some from the arcade and some from the 2600. As these were all games that I didn’t have any way of capturing footage of previously, I thought it would be fun to let the random number generator pick one to talk about on the blog this week. Unfortunately, the game it chose is so basic that I can’t imagine actually being able to write about it for more than a couple paragraphs. Well, let’s give this a shot. Continue reading

Random Game Wednesdays: Super Star Wars (SNES)

Licensed games were a dime a dozen back in the days of the SNES and Genesis, and most of the time, they were junk. But every once in a while, you’d come across one that didn’t seem too bad. You might even call it “good”. The Super Star Wars trilogy on Super Nintendo were games that fit that description and ate up a good chunk of my childhood. But, standards change with time, and games that we were into when we were younger suddenly aren’t always worth going back to. So, how does Super Star Wars hold up? Continue reading

Circling Forward 12/21/16: The One Where I Wrote A New One Of These

It’s been a while, huh? Other than Random Game Wednesdays, the only post on my blog in the last three weeks was a quick update. I apologize for that. I’ve been trying to finish up Pokemon Sun before the end of the year, plus dealing with Christmas. It turns out, when you’re doing a lot of stuff that isn’t writing, it’s harder to find the time to write.  Continue reading

Random Game Wednesdays: Star Soldier (NES)

I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about video games, but every once in a while I come across a game that I’ve never heard of before. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that Star Soldier is one of those games. When the random number generator gave me this game, I honestly didn’t even know what genre it was. Turns out it’s part of a long running series, one that’s had sequels, re-releases, and remakes going all the way until 2013. But yeah, I had no idea what this was. Continue reading

Random Game Wednesdays: Hey You, Pikachu! (N64)

Sometimes, games come out that are very difficult to describe. Maybe they’re overly complicated or maybe their objectives are just hard to put into words. And then there’s other times when you can describe the whole thing in a single sentence and then have to try to write a decently long entry anyway. Hey You, Pikachu is a game where you talk to Pikachu. That’s about it.  Continue reading

Just a quick update

Hey everyone, I’m still alive! Sorry for the lack of posts since last Wednesday. I’ve been spending all my free time playing Final Fantasy XV, and as of this morning, beat it! So, you can expect a full review in a day or two. You can also expect this week’s Random Game Wednesdays some time tonight. That’s all I’ve got for you right now, so look forward to more content starting tonight!

Thanks for reading!