Talking About That Nintendo Direct That Might Be Happening Soon

If you follow gaming rumors at all, you’ve almost certainly heard about the possible Nintendo Direct hitting in the coming weeks. Personally, I don’t think any of the “leaks” are real, but I do think they’re popping up now because a Direct being right around the corner makes a lot of sense. There’s almost always one in either January or February, and since we didn’t get one in January, it makes sense that we can expect one very soon.

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Dead Space First Impressions (Special Guest Blogger Chelsi Roberts)

Dead Space (Remake) is a science fiction survival horror game. The original game was released in October of 2008. It has been 15 years and now they have brought it back this year upgraded and looking great! The story/gameplay mostly takes place in space on the USG Ishimura. Ishimura is a world cracking ship that’s stopped digging. You play as an engineer on a small team that was sent for what they thought was a repair job. Once the teams ship, named USG Kellion, is docked with Ishimura, it becomes clear that something is going majorly wrong. If you enjoy a stress inducing gory nightmare then read on.

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How About That Direct?| Xbox Developer_Direct 1/25/2023

When I decided to bring back the feature “How About That Direct?”, I assumed that the first post would be about a Nintendo Direct. After all, there usually is one around this time of the year, and they’re by far the presentations I get the most excited about, outside of E3 anyway. But no, Xbox decided to put on a show today, and they even used the “Direct” name, so of course, I had to watch it and I want to talk about it.

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Fire Emblem Engage First Impressions

My history with Fire Emblem is pretty short, if you’ve been reading the blog you’ve pretty much seen all of it. Like a lot us, I didn’t even know the series existed until Marth and Roy were included in Super Smash Bros. Melee. But in the last few years, I played through all of Fire Emblem Awakening, Three Houses would end up being my game of the year in 2019, Fire Emblem Heroes is still the only mobile game to really get it’s hooks in me, and of course, spin-off game Tokyo Mirage Sessions would end up being one of my favorite gams of all time. All this is to say, that I was really looking forward to Fire Emblem Engage.

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Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Demo Impressions

So many games that I’ve loved have come out in 2022, all of which I should have written about. That new Kirby? Might be the best Kirby of all time. Elden Ring? I’ve never been able to get into a Soulslike but that one actually held my attention. Xenoblade Chronicles 3? One of the best JRPGs I’ve ever played. But none of those were able to get my lazy ass to sit down and actually write about them. Maybe I will some day. But you know what did? Capcom put out a demo for Resident Evil Village. It’s the same demo they put out before, but now you can play in third person. Let’s talk about it. Continue reading