Xenoblade Chronicles X Check-In: Week 15 FINALE

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally beat Xenoblade Chronicles X! Obviously, there’s still a lot of content I haven’t seen, but I’ve finished all the main story missions. So, I guess for one last time, let’s go over some numbers. My total playtime is exactly 78 hours, my main character is level 53, and I’ve completed through chapter 12 of the main story. Oh, and even though this has been true for the entire series so I shouldn’t have to say this, there will be spoilers. Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles X Check-In: Week 14

Back to Xenoblade this week, and I actually made a pretty serious amount of progress. It helps that despite having to wear a cast for a few more weeks, the Wii U Gamepad fits pretty comfortably in my hands, making Xenoblade one of the few games that I’ve been playing. So, as always, let’s go over some numbers. My current play time is 66 and a half hours, my main character is level 51, and I’ve completed chapter 11 of the story. That means I played about six hours, got ten levels, and finished two story missions. Continue reading

No Xenoblade this week

Unfortunately,  I didn’t have a chance to play any Xenoblade Chronicles X this week. Between work, getting used to wearing a cast on my left hand (I was in a car accident last week) and helping my dad with a project,  the only game I’ve had a chance to play is a little bit of Pokémon Go. So, I’ll do my best to play some this week, and I’ll still have Random Game Wednesdays. Speaking of which, I’m probably going to do another NES game,  because the controller fits surprisingly well in my hand, even with the cast. That’s all I got right now, so look forward to Random Game Wednesdays and I’ll try to have some Xenoblade progress by next Sunday.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Check-in: Week 13

Once again, it’s time to check in on my progress in Xenoblade Chronicles X! I didn’t have as much time to play this week, due largely to Pokemon Go as well as dealing with a broken finger. The finger is really limiting how much I can use my left hand, meaning this blog post is being written one handed. This also limits how much I can play some video games. But thankfully, Xenoblade is relatively slow paced, and I’m finding that I can continue to play it. Anyway, let’s go over the numbers. I currently have about 60 hours of play time, my main character is level 41, and I still haven’t beaten chapter 10. Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles X Check-In: Week 12

Another week, more Xenoblade! And this time, I actually managed to play a significant amount of the game. The majority of my time was spent doing side quests, hoping to save up enough money to buy better gear so that I could finally finish chapter 10. But before we get into all that, let’s start with numbers. My total play time is 58 hours, my main character is currently level 40, and I’m currently halfway through chapter 10. Spoiler warning, I’m about to talk about stuff that happened in those side quests. Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles X Check In: Week 10

It’s the tenth week of writing about Xenoblade! I’m honestly a little surprised that I’ve lasted this long. Usually when I play JRPGs, I get distracted by other games coming out and kind of stop playing. While that’s happened a bit with Xenoblade Chronicles X, having this series to write has really helped me put at least a few hours in each week. So, as always, let’s start with some numbers. I’ve played a total of 50 hours, my main character is currently level 35, and I’ve played through chapter 9 of the story, although I’m currently on the boss fight of chapter 10. Continue reading