Xenoblade Chronicles X Check-In: Week 9

I bet you thought I forgot to write one of these this week! Sorry it’s late, I ended up playing the game yesterday when I should have been writing. Plus, I had a really early shift at work this morning, so by the time I finished playing, it was time to go to bed. Anyway, let’s go over some numbers. I’m currently at 46 and a half hours of play time, my main character is level 34, and I’ve played through chapter 9 of the story. That means I played about three and a half hours, leveled up twice, and got through one chapter. Not too bad! Continue reading

You Need to Play Doom

About a month ago, Star Fox Zero came out, and to it I asked what it meant to be a Star Fox game in 2016. And although I enjoyed the game a great deal, it didn’t really have an answer. It was just kind of, “I don’t know, how about just Star Fox 64 again?” Doom is in a very similar situation. Despite being one of the earliest and most fondly remembered first person shooters, the original Doom doesn’t really resemble a modern game in the slightest. Now that a new Doom is out, I asked it the same question. What does it mean to be a Doom game in 2016. Thankfully, it actually has an answer. Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles X Check-in: Week 8

I know this is going to be difficult to believe, but I actually made story progress this week. As a result, I have a little bit more to talk about. But, as always, let’s start with numbers. My current play time is 43 hours and 9 minutes, my main character is level 31, and I’ve played through chapter 8 of the story. So, that’s only about three hours of play time this week, one chapter, and no levels.  Continue reading

Reviewing E3 2015: Square-Enix Press Conference

Square-Enix had it’s first E3 press conference in a long time last year, and I was very excited for it.The biggest news that I could imagine Square bringing to E3 already happened at the Sony conference when they announced Final Fantasy VII Remake. So what could they possibly have up their sleeves to justify putting on a whole press conference themselves? Well, if my memory serves me right, not much. I remember this press conference being super boring. So, with that in mind, let’s conclude my series of looking back at last year’s press conferences by taking another look at Square-Enix and seeing how it holds up. Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles X Check In: Week 7

Remember last week when I said that if I hit level 30 this week I’d have a lot more to talk about? Well, I’ve got a funny story about that. But first, let’s talk some numbers. I’ve currently put in 40 hours and 3 minutes of play time in, my main character is level 30, and I’ve played through chapter 7 of the story. That’s just under five hours played this week, with two levels and no story progress. Which begs the question, why no story progress? Continue reading

Reviewing E3 2015: Nintendo Digital Event

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I like Nintendo a lot. They are my absolute favorite video game developer and I’m always first in line to try out anything they have to offer. This is probably why I don’t have very fond memories of their 2015 E3 event. I hold them to a bit of a higher standard. But, it’s time to rewatch the event, and maybe I’ll come away from it a little more happy with it. Maybe. Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles X Check-In: Week 6

A combination of weird work shifts and Mother’s Day resulted in this post being a day late and it’ll be kind of short. Sorry about that! As always, I’m going to start with some numbers. My total play time is 35 hours and 15 minutes, my main character is level 28, and I’ve completed chapter 7 of the story. So that’s about three hours this week, two levels, but no story progress. Continue reading