Xenoblade Chronicles X Check-In: Week 6

A combination of weird work shifts and Mother’s Day resulted in this post being a day late and it’ll be kind of short. Sorry about that! As always, I’m going to start with some numbers. My total play time is 35 hours and 15 minutes, my main character is level 28, and I’ve completed chapter 7 of the story. So that’s about three hours this week, two levels, but no story progress.

Unfortunately, I’ve really hit a brick wall as far as easily progressing in the game is concerned. Any quests I’ve been able to find that reward experience points are way too difficult for me. I’ll find a quest on the quest board that’s only listed as two stars, and then I’ll arrive and it’ll be two level 45s to deal with. So, as a result, I’ve resorted to old fashioned RPG grinding.

Grinding grinding grinding

Basically, I’ve spent the majority of those three hours of play time just running around the open fields and fighting anything I come across that I can kill. It hasn’t been very exciting, but I am making steady progress. Chapter 8 of the story opens up after I hit level 30, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to that this week.

The only other thing I did this week was try out the multiplayer mode a little bit. I think it’s kind of dumb, but maybe I’m just not seeing something. Basically, a friend and I selected a multiplayer mission to do, and then it dropped us in to a combat arena. The only thing we had to do was kill a few groups of enemies and then we got some rewards. It was kind of neat to play the game with someone else, but I fail to really understand what the purpose of it is. Also, I was unable to get any screenshots of the multiplayer. I don’t own any capture equipment, so I rely on Miiverse to get my Wii U screenshots. Unfortunately, I couldn’t open Miiverse while playing multiplayer. Whoops.

And, yeah, that’s about all I’ve got this week. If I can just get two more levels, I should have a lot more to talk about next week.

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