Random Game Wednesdays: Bubble Bobble (NES)

Every once in a while, the random number generator gives me a game that I absolutely adore. This is one of those weeks. Bubble Bobble is a game that I spent a ton of time playing growing up, and unlike a lot of games, it’s every bit as good today as it was back then. This is one of those reviews where I had to remind myself to stop playing the game so that I could get some writing done about it. Continue reading

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Check-in: Week 11

It’s that time again. Let’s take a look at how my progress in Tokyo Mirage Sessions is going. This week, I got further in the main story, did the final side quest, and got some grinding done in preparation for the final boss. You know the drill by now, before we get to all that, we have to talk numbers. Itsuki is currently level 61, I’m still in chapter 6, and my current play time is 46 hours and 44 minutes. Continue reading

Nintendo Switch is Exactly What we Thought it Would be and it Still Blew me Away

I’ve been following Nintendo NX rumors for a very long time, basically as long as Nintendo NX rumors were a thing. I knew that the majority of them were going to turn out to be nonsense, but I needed to know what everyone was saying about the console. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Every day I would check Emily Rogers’ Twitter and blog, a Twitter account called “Iamsherlock1889”, and of course the Nintendo NX subreddit. It seemed like everyone had an idea of what the NX was and had a completely dependable but anonymous source. And then the Eurogamer NX leak happened. Continue reading

Random Game Wednesdays: Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll

I thought I’d do things a little bit differently for Random Game Wednesdays this week. If you’re new here, the way that I decide what game I’m going to play for this feature is pretty simple. I choose a console, with no real rules on how to choose. Then, I count how many games I own for that console. I then go to a random number generator and enter the number of games as the highest possible number. The generator spits me out a number, and I count that number of spots on my game shelf to determine the game. For this week, instead of picking a console, I picked Rare Replay for the Xbox One. Rare Replay contains 30 games, so I entered 30 as the highest number. It gave me “11”. The eleventh game on the main menu is Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll. Continue reading

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Check-in: Week 10

It’s that time again, time to see how much progress I made in Tokyo Mirage Sessions this week! Unfortunately, it’s not a whole lot this time. I did manage to make a little bit of story progress and complete one side quest. But, before we get to that, let’s go over some numbers. Itsuki is currently level 54, I’m partway through chapter 6, and my total playtime is just under 40 hours. Continue reading

Rise of the Tomb Raider: First Impressions

It feels kind of strange writing a “first impressions” piece on a game that came out almost a year ago. I got my copy in March, at the same time that Xenoblade Chronicles X had completely taken over my life, causing it to just sit on my shelf all this. So, the game may be pretty old by now, but it’s new to me. And since the PlayStation 4 release of the game was earlier this week, it’s new to a whole bunch of other people too. So, hey, why not? Here’s my first impressions of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Continue reading

Random Game Wednesdays: Resident Evil Revelations (Wii U)

I first played Resident Evil Revelations when it first came out on the 3DS back in 2012. It was an extremely impressive game, boasting what might still be the best graphics on the handheld and just about everything you would expect from the Resident Evil series. A year later, it was ported to home consoles. Can a game that was designed with the 3DS’s tiny screen still turn out alright on an HDTV? Continue reading

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Check-in: Week 9

I didn’t have a whole ton of time to play Tokyo Mirage Sessions this week. I only got about two hours of playtime in. But, even though I didn’t spend that much time with the game, I still got a decent amount of stuff done. All of it was side quests this time. Before I get into what went down, let’s go over some numbers. My current playtime is 37 and a half hours, Itsuki is level 53, and I’m currently an the intermission before chapter 6. Continue reading