Dragon Age II Check-In: Week… 2? Finale?

You ever have big plans for something and they just didn’t work out? That was me with this Check-In series. I just couldn’t find the time or the energy to actually write any of the posts, although I did still play a couple hours a week. I ended up finishing the game quite a while ago and had only written the first entry in the series. As such, this is going to be more of a review than a typical Check-In post, but I still have to start with some numbers. The game is completed, it took just under 25 hours, and Ivan Ooze is level 21. Continue reading

Dragon Age II Check-In: Week 1

One of my great video game shames is never really getting into the Dragon Age series. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I loved lots of BioWare’s other games. Mass Effect might be the most important franchise of the previous generation of games, and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic might be my absolute favorite original Xbox game. But for some reason, Dragon Age just never grabbed me. I started to correct that last year when I played through the first game and wrote about my time with the game.Well, I’m doing that again with the second game. Continue reading