Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Check-in: Week 12, Finale

Well, I did it. I finished Tokyo Mirage Sessions. It was a long, but very enjoyable journey. But how did it all wrap up? I’ll get to that. You know the drill by now. We have to talk some numbers first. Itsuki ended the game at level 62, my final play time was 51 minutes and 50 seconds, and I don’t have a chapter number to share, because once again, I’m done.I neglected to mention last that the boss I fought right at the end of the post was the game’s first boss again. It turns out, every section of this dungeon ends with re-fighting one of the game’s previous bosses. I don’t know if it was all the grinding I did last week or what, but none of the bosses proved to be too much of a challenge for me. In particular, the second boss, which was the one who had possessed Tsubasa’s sister a long time ago, was incredibly easy. She dealt no damage to my party, and I killed her by my first attack in the second round.


This dungeon’s design does get a little more complicated as you go, but for the most part, it’s the same block puzzles I described last week. You do have to deal with blue blocks that create paths as you walk on them, making it hard to tell where you’re going to end up. Later on, you have to chase a mirage around a maze to acquire the key needed for an elevator. It’s not great. that’s kind of a shame, considering this is the final dungeon. But at least I’m not getting lost, that’s a good thing.

Eventually, I reached a room that had a particularly annoying puzzle. Not because it was super difficult, but because it was all trial and error. There’s a statue you need to get to, but there’s a large gap that you can’t cross. There’s four blue blocks, the ones that create paths, and you have to choose which one will get you to a moving block, which will enable another block to move into position so you can get to the statue.

After trying every possible blue block, I finally make it to the statue. It tells me that I need to be judged by two other statues before he’ll judge me and send me to the final boss. Thankfully, the other two statues are very easy to reach. One of them judges my party on their acting ability, and the other judges them on their singing. We’re great at both, obviously, so we head back to the first statue. It judges Itsuki, who doesn’t really sing or act, on his leadership skills. He thinks Itsuki is acceptable, and he sends us on our way.


After heading up a large elevator, we end up in a room with a massive organ. It’s time to sing the Fire Emblem opera, but for some reason, Itsuki is having doubts about doing Marth’s role. Everyone convinces him that he’ll be great, plus everyone else has a part already, so he doesn’t have a whole lot of choice, and they get ready to start the song. Then the Shadow Dragon wakes up and lasers a hole in Itsuki’s chest. And that’s the game!

Just kidding. Everyone is sad that Itsuki is dead, but then Marth’s soul comes out of the dragon and revives Itsuki. Itsuki transforms, now appearing more like Marth’s design in Fire Emblem. They perform the opera, a version of the Fire Emblem theme with lyrics, and then Tiki transforms into a dragon. Now it’s time to fight.


The Shadow Dragon has a few nasty tricks, in particular he has an attack that drains a ton of EP from one of my characters, but he isn’t too tough. He has some minions that he summons, which can perform session attacks, which can prove pretty annoying. All in all, though, he isn’t a very big deal. After defeating him, he has a second form, which honestly was easier than his first. He doesn’t summon minions anymore, and as the battle progresses, he gains more weaknesses. Soon, I’ve killed him, and the battle is over.

After the battle, chapter 6 ends and we head into the game’s epilogue. There’s no more combat, just a bunch of talking to all the characters and seeing where they’re at. I was hoping for a little bit more than what we actually get. For the most part, everyone is just hanging out in Enter-Kingdom and they thank Itsuki because they wouldn’t have gotten where they are without him. After talking to everyone, I head to the bloom palace at Tiki’s request. All the mirages are there, and they tell Itsuki that they’re going to return to their world. I think it’s kind of messed up that they’re only telling Itsuki, but whatever. They return to their world and plan to bring back the performing arts.


Afterwards, we get some “where are they now” style text explaining what’s going on with all the party members. It basically boils down to “they are all successful”. Ms. Maiko’s, however, says that she steps down from her position as Fortuna’s president to return to her modeling career. This leads to a cutscene where she promotes Itsuki to company president. It’s my understanding that this is the good ending, and if I hadn’t done all of the side quests, I would not have gotten that last scene.

And that’s Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE! It’s a very good game, and if you like JRPGs, it’s definitely worth the play through. While I don’t feel as strongly about it as I did Xenoblade Chronicles X, I still think it’s an extremely charming  and fun game. It was great to be able to share my experiences with it in these blog posts, and I’ll have news on what’s coming up next soon.


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