Xenoblade Chronicle X Check-In Week 11

E3 is over, which means it’s time to get back to playing video games. Unfortunately, I’m still just grinding, so I don’t have a ton to talk about this week. So, I thought we’d do things a little bit differently this week. But, first, let’s talk some numbers. I’ve put in 52 hours of play time, my main character is level 37, and I’m still halfway through chapter 10.

This week, I’m just going to give my general opinions on the game itself at this point in time. If I posted my experiences for the week, it would simply say that I ran around in circles and killed the same monsters over and over. I’m pretty sure you guys want a little bit more than that. so, after 52 hours, what do I think of the game?

The combat loop is still very satisfying, and the addition of skells has helped change things up. Learning the ins and outs of each attack, like which attacks to use in what order to do the maximum amount of damage, is a lot of fun. If I had to nitpick anything about it, it would be that once you learn the systems, most fights play out the same way. You can pretty much much use the same strategy on every fight and you’ll be just fine.

The world is startlingly big. Even after all the time that I’ve put it, there’s still a huge amount of land that I haven’t touched yet. Getting my skells to fly did a lot to make the world feel smaller, as suddenly I can get just about anywhere with a minimum amount of effort. But I feel like that’s an amazing reward for all the work you put into the game. After tons and tons of time of running around and struggling to find the right paths to get where you need to go, now you can just fly there. It’s great.

I’ve complained about gathering quests many times, so this shouldn’t come off as a surprise, but I still hate them. Not having any sort of idea on where to get the items needed to complete a quest is awful. It seems like most a lot of people agree with me, because a simple Google search for any collectible in the game will pull up a GameFAQs thread of someone asking where to find that item. This has made finding stuff a lot easier, but I really wish that the game would just point me in the general direction.

The story has been kind of a slow grind, but it is enjoyable. The initial set up is great, with the Earth getting destroyed a humanity needing to find a new suitable home. After that though, there wasn’t a whole lot going on until you meet the Ganglion. At that point, the story gets filled with anime tropes, like the villain that’s obsessed with revenge, the one that’s actually a nice guy, stuff like that. Despite all that, it still manages to be a lot of fun, and I genuinely want to see what happens next.

And that’s what I think of the game. Currently, I’m saving up money to be able to afford a fourth skell, which I think will make the boss in Chapter 10 more possible. So, hopefully next week, I’ll have some real progress to report on.

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