Circling Forward 12/21/16: The One Where I Wrote A New One Of These

It’s been a while, huh? Other than Random Game Wednesdays, the only post on my blog in the last three weeks was a quick update. I apologize for that. I’ve been trying to finish up Pokemon Sun before the end of the year, plus dealing with Christmas. It turns out, when you’re doing a lot of stuff that isn’t writing, it’s harder to find the time to write. In the last Circling Forward post, I made predictions about the winners of this year’s Game Awards. In the end, I didn’t do too awful. Out of the eighteen categories that I made predicitons for, I got nine of them right. As for the games I wanted to win, Igot eight of them correct. I’ve certainlty done worse when predicting outcomes of game events before, so I’m pretty happy with that.

But, as we all know, the awards are not the real reason that people watch the Game Awards. We’re really looking for the new trailers and announcements. And since PSX was just a couple days later, we had a full weekend full of stuff to get excited about. I’m not going to go over everything that went down. My blog is not a news source, and if it was, I’d be super behind to the point of it not even being worth writing about anymore. Instead, I just want to briefly talk about a few things that got my attention.

I’m a giant Metal Gear fan. In fact, although I’ve never sat down and came up with a full top ten list of my favorite games, I know that two Metal Gear games would end up in the top three. So it should come to no surprise that I’m super excited about the new Death Stranding trailer. The first trailer, which was shown at E3 this year, was great but didn’t really tell us much about the game. We could see that Norman Reedus was involved and there was a bunch of dead whales. That’s about it. But then we got this second trailer.

The thing is, we still don’t know a whole lot, but this new trailer showed what looked like an actual setting for a video game, rahter than the fever dream for the first trailer. In this trailer, we see what appears to be a real world setting, but in typical Kojima fashion, isn’t quite what you’d expect. A tank that is for some reason covered in fleshy tenticles drives over a bridge. Below the bridge, we see a group of soldiers led by Mads Mikkelsen. Although everything looks fairly normal, the soldiers are connected to Mads by what appears to be umbilical cords. It’s weird stuff, and I can’t wait to know more about it.

We also got to see some more footage of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I don’t have a ton of new things to say about it, as it pretty much looks like more of what we’ve already seen. However, in the new trailer, there was footage that looked like a town with NPCs. This is something that we’ve been told would be in the game, but was strangely lacking from the E3 build. So, not a whole lot new to talk about, but I’m still incredibly excited to see how this game turns out.

A new gameplay trailer for Mass Effect Andromedda was shown at the Game Awards. It all looked great, but pretty much looked like what you would expect from a Mass Effect game. I was a little concerned about Andromedda after it was briefly shown at the PlayStation Pro reveal earlier this year, but now I’m pretty confident that it’ll be a great game, even if it doesn’t completely reinvent the Mass Effect wheel.

Moving on to PSX, after a long time of being rumored, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite finally got announced. We’ve seen very little of the game so far, but what’s been shown looks great. The reveal showed off Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Mega Man X, and Ryu. Captain Marvel is my favotire female comic book character, so it was great to see that she would be in the game. On the Capcom side, it’s nice to see Mega Man X finally get some love. I’m very hopeful for this one. And thankfully, it’s not PS4 exclusive!

PaRappa the Rapper is being remade, and looks fantastic. I love PaRappa, but I hope that Sony understands that it’s not a game that makes sense in 2017 at full price. Or even half price., PaRappa needs to be $20 or under. I can’t imagine that the development costs would justify it being higher than that, and the game can be beaten in about half an hour. I hope that Sony understands what it’s doing, because PaRappa is a great game that more people need to play.

And that’s pretty much all I’ve got from these two events. You can argue that there were bigger things to talk about from PSX, and you’d probably be right, but those are the couple that spoke to me. It doesn’t help that I still don’t own a PS4, so it’s harder for me to get excited for stuff at PSX. However, with both Death Stranding and Shenmue III on the way, the day I finally buy the console should be coming up within the next year. But, we’ll see.

Anyways, what did you think about those two events? Are there any games that you think I should have brought up, but didn’t? Like, perhaps, The Last of Us Part 2? Let me know in the comments  below.

Also, today is Wednesday, so later today, expect another installment of Random Game Wednesdays! Two posts in one day? I can’t belive it either.

2 thoughts on “Circling Forward 12/21/16: The One Where I Wrote A New One Of These

  1. Great recap of the event! I think the previous couple of years had been better both in terms of reveals and content. The Zelda footage was decent at best. I did like the reveals of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and GotG Telltale though. And I haven’t played PaRappa yet, so I’m excited about that too. I agree with you that the announcements and trailers are the real reason to watch these at this point.


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