E3 2019 Predictions

It’s that time again! Every year, about a month off from E3, I write a list of predictions for the press conferences. It’s going to be a little smaller than last year, as a couple companies aren’t having conferences this year. But that’s okay, I’ll still do predictions for the ones that are happening.

Like previous years, I will give three predictions for each press conference. The first will be a Sure Thing. As I’m sure you could figure out, this is one that I fully believe will happen. The next is Pretty Sure, one that definitely could happen, but I’m not 100% convinced. The third is the Shot In The Dark. This one will almost certainly not happen, but it would be really cool if it did. I mostly just want to be able to say “I called it!” when something borderline impossible happens. I’ve only ever gotten one of these right once, so… yeah.

I’m going to go in the order that the press conferences will air. This year, EA is holding multiple live streams, but isn’t doing a press conference. I wouldn’t be surprised if some announcements happen in those streams, but I won’t be doing predictions for them since I don’t know how that format will work. As for Sony, they’ve said that they’re not participating in E3, so I’m not doing any predictions for them either. Even they end up doing a separate but timely presentation, I’ll add Sony predictions to the list, but as of right now, there’s no indication that this will happen.

With all that out of the way, let’s get started!



Sure Thing: Halo Infinite gameplay, will have a Holiday 2019 release.

halo infinite
C’mon Chief, it’s dangerous here. Put that helmet on.

This may seem crazy because we’ve barely seen any footage of Halo Infinite, but it’s been almost four years since Halo 5. Infinite is way further along than I think people realize. Microsoft is also in desperate need of a big holiday exclusive, something they were really lacking in last year. Or I guess it could be Gears 5? Or both? But my gut says Halo.

Pretty Sure: The next Xbox console will be fully unveiled. There will be an expensive option that runs games locally, a cheap option that streams games, and even the option to stream to other devices.

With Sony taking this year off, all eyes are going to be focused on Microsoft. There has never been a better time for them to show off what they’re doing next. Early leaks suggested the notion of a cheaper streaming option, and the announcement of Project X-Cloud seems to imply a willingness to let you play on just about anything. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the recent All Digital Edition of the Xbox One S was intended to Trojan Horse the ability to Stream next-gen games into more houses.

Shot In The Dark: Crimson Skies.

C’mon Microsoft. You know people want it. You added the original Xbox game to backwards compatibility. Now just give us a new one.



Sure Thing: Doom Eternal release date

We know Doom Eternal is out this year, but we don’t know when. With Bethesda’s other big games seemingly years away still, this is going to be their big push this year. And to do that, we need to know when it’s coming. So, they’re going to tell us.

Pretty Sure: First look at Starfield, but it’s still a long way off.

After the Fallout 76 debacle last year, Bethesda’s hoping that you can just kind of forget all that and get excited by their next game. Starfield is years off still, but nothing makes Fallout and Elder Scrolls fans more excited than a new single player RPG from Bethesda. We’re not going to see much, but we’ll get a look at the setting and what’s new to the formula.

Shot In The Dark: Morrowind remake.

This, but pretty

Okay, this one is definitely not happening. But if you really want to make your fans happy, but out a pretty version of a game we all love.



Sure Thing: An updated look at Beyond Good And Evil 2, still no release date

Last year, Ubisoft surprised us by revealing that Beyond Good And Evil 2 still existed, but it looked much different from what we expected. This year, we’re going to get a much better idea of what that game is. They won’t be talking release date yet though, but that’s okay. We can wait a little longer.

Pretty Sure: Another Nintendo Collaboration

It’s still weird to me that some people played Starlink without Star Fox characters.

I have no idea what this will be, but I think it’ll happen. Both Mario + Rabbids and the Star Fox content in Starlink were surprising in ways that I couldn’t predict, and the two companies seem to really enjoy teaming up. Starlink may not have sold like Ubisoft wanted to, but the Star Fox stuff was the main thing that attracted people to the game in the first place. They’re doing something else, I’m sure of it. This would be a Sure Thing, but I’m not positive that it’ll be this year.

Shot In The Dark: Splinter Cell

I hate that this is my Shot In The Dark pick. In 2017, it was my Pretty Sure. In 2018, it was my Sure Thing. Now, I’m grown unconvinced that it’s happening. C’mon Ubisoft.



Sure Thing: Final Fantasy VII Remake will be prominently featured, still episodic, part 1 will be out in 2020



This character will definitely make it to the end of game

The recent State Of Play presentation from Sony ended with a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake and stated “more in June”. That’s gotta be E3, right? That being said, I don’t think it’ll be all good news. I don’t think anyone wants released in chunks, but that’s how it’s going to go. Also despite that, with the game having such a rough development, I don’t even think the first part will be out this year. I think they’ll be willing to commit to next year though.

Pretty Sure: Nier 3

It’s weird that Nier is a big deal now. The first game was very niche, to a point where I was surprised when a second one was announced. Then Automata came out and was a huge deal. I think Square really wants to get a third one out there to compliment the long development times of their other huge Japanese role playing games, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

Shot In The Dark: Final Fantasy XVI

I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time that a new Final Fantasy was announced while we were still waiting for another one.



Sure Thing: Focus on Animal Crossing, will be out no later than September

Get back to work ya lazy raccoon.

We’re still waiting for ANYTHING about this game. But that’s kind of the Nintendo formula lately. Wait until it’s close, then blow everything out. Animal Crossing is the Nintendo game that people seem to be most excited for right now, and I think it’s closer than it appears. I might be risking losing this prediction by giving it such a near release date, but I don’t see this as a big holiday release. This is a Fall chill out game that’ll carry the Switch for the remainder of the year.

Pretty Sure: That Best Buy leak is real, all games on it announced

Recently, Best Buy’s internal systems randomly added Switch versions of Metroid Prime Trilogy, Persona 5, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. I don’t think this was made up, it just went live too early. These will all be revealed at E3.

Shot In The Dark: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on Switch

You knew this was going to be here. I’d rather see a sequel, but I’m going to go with a port. Please, please Nintendo. Make this happen.

You know this image was coming.


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