E3(?) 2020 Predictions

This has been a pretty weird year, right? I don’t really need to get into how unprecedented the times are, you’ve heard it all already, but as a result, there is no E3 this year. Now, how am I supposed to do E3 predictions when there isn’t an E3?  Well, thankfully there’s a bunch of little events that more or less replace E3 this year, so we’ll just use those.

Just like every year, I’m going to do three predictions for each show. The first is the “sure thing”, a prediction that I’m 100% sure is going to happen. The second is the “pretty sure”, which are guesses that I think are pretty likely, but not as obvious. The third is the “shot in the dark”, which is me just say a crazy idea that will almost certainly not come true, but if it does, I want to be able to say that I called it.

Alright, I’m going to make predictions for five different events. One of those events isn’t even confirmed, but heavily rumored to be happening, so, that’s fun. Also, in the event that another event gets announced, like a Nintendo one for example, there will be a second version of this post later. Also also, I’m not covering the Guerrilla Collective, because I’m not familiar enough with the developers that are involved, but I’ll definitely  watch that stuff.  With all that out of the way, here we go.


Sony PlayStation 5 Reveal (rumored to be happening in early June)

Sure Thing: Horizon 2 will be announced, will be a launch title

A sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn has yet to be announced, but it’s existence is pretty well known. Add that to the fact that the first game is being ported to PC and it seems like Sony is really ready to push a sequel. So yeah, that’s happening.

Pretty Sure: Bloodborne 2 announced

Everyone loves Bloodborne, right? You know that, From Software knows that, Sony knows that. Why wouldn’t a sequel be in the works? And if you really wanted to get people excited for your new console, a sequel to one of the most beloved games of this generation would be the way to do it.

Shot In The Dark: PaRappa The Rapper 3

Guys, I will buy a PS5 day one if there’s a new PaRappa.



EA Play (June 11th)

Sure Thing: Mass Effect Trilogy remaster announced for Xbox One and PS4

This was recently reported to exist, and it makes sense. EA needs a win, they never get a win. Bringing back these fan favorite games would be an easy way to do that.

Mass Effect

Pretty Sure: Star Wars Battlefront 3 annoucnced

People are mad that EA is no longer updating Battlefront 2. Why would they do that? Because 3 is on the way, you heard it here first.

Shot In The Dark: Skate 4

Skate 4


New Game Plus Expo (June 23rd)

Sure Thing: No More Heroes 3 gameplay reveal

Grasshopper Manufacture is showing something at New Game Plus. They’re making No More Heroes 3. We don’t need another CG trailer, so I feel like they’re going to show gameplay. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was supposed to be in an E3 Nintendo Direct, but now that’s not happening, so it’ll happen at this show instead.

Pretty Sure: New mainline Sonic reveal


This was supposed to happen at South By Southwest, then it was supposed to happen in April, but nothing has happened yet. Sega is showing something here, so it’s probably this.

Shot In The Dark: Persona 6

Atlus is there too, so that’d be pretty neat, right?


Inside Xbox (some time in July)

Sure Thing: Gameplay reveal for Everwild


Does anyone remember that Rare has a new game in development? Other than it existing, we don’t know much about it. That’ll change here when we see exactly what this game is.

Pretty Sure: A new Fable is announced

This was actually heavily rumored for last E3, supposedly being developed by Forza Horizon developer, Playground Games. I’m not totally sure about who’s making it, but I fully believe that a new Fable game is being worked on. At one point, Fable was one of Xbox’s biggest franchises, and I think it’s time to bring it back.

Shot In The Dark: Banjo-Threeie

Between Sea of Thieves and Everwild, Rare is too busy to make a new Banjo game, but c’mon, Microsoft can find someone to make the thing.


Ubisoft Forward (July 12th)

Sure Thing: Beyond Good And Evil 2 will be a big focus, still no release date

It’s been a couple years since BGaE2 was announced, and we saw a little bit of it last year. This year, it’ll be a more fully realized thing, but it’s still a ways off so they’re not going to tell us when to expect it.

Pretty Sure: The next Nintendo collaboration is announced

I think I predicted this last year and it didn’t come true. That being said, Ubisoft really likes to work with Nintendo, and they’re due for another project together. I don’t know what it’ll be, but it’ll happen.


Shot In The Dark: Splinter Cell

C’mon man.


And that’s what I got. The events are stretched out over about two months, so it’s going to take longer to know how I did. But, you can expect full write-ups of my thoughts after each event happens.

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