Dead Space First Impressions (Special Guest Blogger Chelsi Roberts)

Dead Space (Remake) is a science fiction survival horror game. The original game was released in October of 2008. It has been 15 years and now they have brought it back this year upgraded and looking great! The story/gameplay mostly takes place in space on the USG Ishimura. Ishimura is a world cracking ship that’s stopped digging. You play as an engineer on a small team that was sent for what they thought was a repair job. Once the teams ship, named USG Kellion, is docked with Ishimura, it becomes clear that something is going majorly wrong. If you enjoy a stress inducing gory nightmare then read on.

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E3(?) 2020 Predictions

This has been a pretty weird year, right? I don’t really need to get into how unprecedented the times are, you’ve heard it all already, but as a result, there is no E3 this year. Now, how am I supposed to do E3 predictions when there isn’t an E3?  Well, thankfully there’s a bunch of little events that more or less replace E3 this year, so we’ll just use those. Continue reading

EA Kicks Off E3 With A Big Surprise And Not Much Else

I look forward to E3 all year and happily watch every press conference. That being said, EA has always struggled to grab my attention. Part of it might be that I don’t care about sports games, which are a huge part of EA’s business. But it’s also the caliber of the announcements that they bring. They just don’t hit the way other conferences do. This year, EA distanced itself from the other shows by being the only press conference of the day. With all eyes on them, did they manage to pull off a better presentation?  Continue reading

E3 2017 Predictions

E3 is about a month away, and that means it’s time to start guessing what’s going to happen! This has been a yearly tradition of mine since long before I started this blog. Usually, I would post them as a long Facebook post. Last year, I did the usual post and wrote up a more detailed one here. This year, I’m just going to post them here, since the Facebook post gets buried pretty quickly. Continue reading

E3 Day -1 (I Guess That’s What We’ll Call it?)

Traditionally, most E3 press conferences take place the day before the showfloor opens, a day often referred to as E3 Day 0. Last year, Bethesda held their first ever E3 press conference, and did so two days before the actual start. This year, EA did their own show, one not associated with E3 but still basically E3, and also held it two days early. Now that there’s two conferences, I’m declaring the Sunday before E3 “E3 Day -1”. We’ll see if that sticks. Continue reading