Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Check-in: Week 6

I didn’t get nearly as much done in Tokyo Mirage Sessions this week, so I doubt this post is going to be very long. I didn’t get any side quests done, but I did complete chapter 4. As always, before we get started on the summary of what I did, let’s go over some numbers. My total play time is 25 hours and 45 minutes, Itsuki is level 42, and as I said before, I’ve played through chapter 4. That’s about three hours, two levels, and one chapter accomplished.Just like last week, in order to progress in chapter 4’s dungeon, I have to go to a room that coordinates with an “episode” of the show that Tsubasa is now staring in. However, instead of going straight to the next boss fight, we have to cross a room that has a bunch of panels on the floor to get to a staircase on the other side. The panels either don’t do anything, block you from moving forward, or cause some sort of effect when standing on them. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing what the panel will do until you stand on them. Eventually, you hit a switch that lets you rearrange the panels, which you need to do in order to get to the staircase.


Once you’re finally on the other side, it’s time to do the next scene for the director. It’s a hostage situation, and in order to get a good performance out of Tsubasa, the director has captured her sister. We’re given a choice of who we want to help Tsubasa learn to act better, either Ellie or Mamori. Since Ellie is an actress, she’s the obvious choice. She runs through the scene flawlessly, but we still don’t think it’s enough to see any improvement from Tsubasa. So, we go to Fortuna to see if we can find anything that will help.

After looking around Ayaha’s desk, we find a picture of her with a much younger Tsubasa. Kiria tells Tsubasa that Ayaha carried that picture around with her back when she was an idol and used it like a good luck charm. Ellie asks Tsubasa to think about what how she would feel if Ayaha was killed. Apparently, finding the picture and thinking about Ayaha’s possible death was enough to get Tsubasa to be a good actress. Not sure why Ayaha being in actual danger wasn’t enough, but sure.

We return to the dungeon, and this time Tsubasa does the scene. She completely nails it, including suddenly turning blonde after she sneezes somehow. The director is impressed and goes away, but now we have to fight the monster. Also, Ayaha was revealed to be a mirage in disguise. We fight the bad guys and succeed, then move on to the next part.


Once again, we need to cross the room with the panels, but we need to get to a different staircase. It was a little more complicated, but still the same basic puzzle. Now we’re in the final room of the dungeon. The director decides that he wants the next scene to be about Sneeze Detective Maho discovering that her lover was a bad guy. But, they still love each other, so now she will kiss him. The director decides that Itsuki will play the guy. The two do the scene, but the director cuts it before the kiss actually happened. He’s so happy with how the scene turned out that he has broken free from his possession.

The boss, known as Excellus, was pretty easy. The main gimmick is that he’ll occasionally change his color, which changes what attacks he’s weak to. For the most part it was easy to tell what attacks to use. For example, when he’s red, he’s resistant to fire. I beat him pretty quickly, saving the director. Now that he’s free, the director seems to have mellowed out. He’s really happy with the amount of progress Tsubasa has made in such a short amount of time. And that’s the chapter!


I’ve unlocked a few side quests that seem pretty interesting. Tsubasa has something important to ask of me, but I don’t know what it is. Ellie has asked me to see a movie with her, maybe continuing the fake date that turned into a real one? Maiko is drunk again, called me “babe” and asked me to come to the office. So, yeah, next week should be pretty interesting.

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