Bethesda’s Press Conference Was Uneventful

A couple years ago, Bethesda had their first E3 press conference, and it was a pretty big deal. Fallout 4 was shown off after having just been announced a little bit before and Doom looked incredible. While there wasn’t a ton of announcements, they felt they justified why they needed one of their own. Last year was less of a big deal, but they had Skyrim Special Edition and Quake Heroes, plus some VR titles. It was pretty cool. This year’s show was pretty different, however.

Bethesda started the conference stroking their ego and basking in how great they are. After all, have you played Doom, Skyrim, Prey, or Fallout Shelter? Man, those are some great games, huh? The thing is, they are. But that’s not what we come to E3 for. We want to see what’s new and exciting, not just being told how amazing their previous projects were. It was a real bummer.

The whole show had a theme park, uh, theme to it. They kept cutting to an animated view of “Bethesdaland”, a park where all of your wildest Bethesda-related dreams could come true. Honestly, it was really obnoxious. It didn’t help that the games featured didn’t exactly impress either.

Those couple of VR projects that were announced last year, Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR were shown, but didn’t do much for me. From what I can gather, Doom VFR is a new game, not just last year’s Doom running in VR. Like a lot of VR games, you don’t have the freedom to just walk around. Instead, you teleport from point to point. I understand why a lot of VR games take that route, but it just doesn’t capture what made Doom great in the first place. Fallout 4 VR on the other hand is just Fallout 4 but in VR. That’s pretty cool I guess, but I already got my fill of that game a couple years ago.

There were some more updates to games we already know about. Quake Heroes is getting a tournament at Quakecon and there’s a Skyrim expansion coming to Elder Scrolls Legends. We also got an update on the Switch version of Skyrim, which apparently will have support for Zelda Amiibo. Weird, but I’ll take it.

One announcement that really fell flat was the Bethesda Creation Club. Remember when Bethesda tried to add paid mods to Skyrim a few years ago? Yeah, they’re doing that again. I’m not sure why they’d think it was a good idea again when it really didn’t go over well the first time, but oh well.

There were only three announcements that I would consider to be a particularly big deal, and even those didn’t really hit the way they should have. There’s an expansion to Dishonored II coming called Death of the Outsider. I didn’t play either Dishonored game, so the CG trailer they showed didn’t really impress. The other two reveals were Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and The Evil Within 2. Both of these actually looked pretty cool, but they were also the rumored big announcements from last year that didn’t show up.

It’s hard not to be disappointed with Bethesda. They spent a long time talking themselves up, gave some brief updates on games we already knew about, and then revealed games that we thought were going to be revealed the year prior. This was a boring, uneventful press conference, and I really hope they can come back swinging next year.

As with all my E3 posts this year, I need to update you all on how I’m doing with my Predictions. Like Microsoft, I got zero right this time. But unlike Microsoft, I’m not okay with it. If the stuff I predicted had come true, like a Doom sequel or the next Elder Scrolls game, this probably would have been a much better press conference. As of right now, my total is 1/9 correct predictions.

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