E3 2017 Plans

We are currently five days away from EA’s not-associated-with-E3-but-is-at-the-same-time-so-it’s-basically-a-part-of-E3 press conference. While definitely not the most exciting press conference, this will kick off several days of video game news. So, with that in mind, I thought I would just quick outline what you can expect from this blog during E3.

Last year, I did posts based on days. So, for example, Mircosoft, Ubisoft, and Sony all had press conferences on the same day last year, so I covered all of those in a single post. E3’s a little weird this year, with significantly less press conferences per day, plus they start a whole day sooner. With that in mind, I figured I’d do things a little bit differently this year.

Every press conference will have it’s own blog post here. Don’t expect them to be big news dumps, however. I mostly just want to talk about how I felt about each presentation and talk about the things that really stood out to me. So, if EA decides to talk about a Minions mobile game again, I’m probably not going to mention it.  Because of this, I imagine of of the posts will be significantly shorter than others.

The other thing I want to cover is the results of my predictions. As I mentioned in that post, posting E3 predictions has been a tradition of mine since long before I started this blog. It will forever be an important part of my personal E3 experience, I hope that people have fun seeing how wrong I am every year. So, each blog post will include a tally of which predictions I got correct.

If you’re curious about my more immediate reactions to the show, feel free to follow me on Twitter, @AndrewLokken or on Facebook. E3 is my favorite time of the year, and I really hope you all enjoy reading what I have to say about it as much as I like talking about it.

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