So, E3(?) 2020 Was Pretty Bad, Huh?

You know, I had some really big plans for this year’s E3. E3 wasn’t going to happen? Who cares, most of the companies involved are doing shows of their own and I’m going to cover just about all of them. But after that PlayStation 5 reveal, every event had so little that I wanted to talk about that it just became impossible to want to write about them. But, I have to, right? So here’s a more general post about the whole thing. The biggest issue with all of these presentations was the complete lack of anything new that was particularly exciting. EA showed several stuff we already knew about, plus Star Wars Squadrons, which was clearly supposed to be the big reveal, but it got leaked beforehand and they went ahead and properly announced it before the show, and had some people saying a new Skate was on the way. Ubisoft literally didn’t have anything new, just updates on games we already knew about. Even Microsoft, which should have been blowing us away with a new console and it’s lineup was mostly subdued. It was just a boring year.

And then there was the newcomers. The one I was most excited for was New Game+ Expo, which is why that made it into my predictions list. This was probably my own fault for letting myself get hyped up, but there was nothing there that was exciting. Part of where all that hype came from was the official E3 social media accounts pushing it. There was also involvement from pretty big companies like Sega and Atlus, which amounted to almost nothing.

That’s not to say that I didn’t see anything that I liked. Although clearly unpolished, I thought Halo Infinite looked pretty fun. A new Fable getting announced is exciting, even if they didn’t really show much. And as I stated in my post about Sony’s show, that was pretty good all in all.  The PC Gaming Show and the Devolver Digital Direct were both fun, and honestly the best those shows have ever been.

It really makes you wonder what this year would have looked like if we weren’t dealing with a pandemic. There’s no way that this was all that would have been shown. There’s no way Nintendo would have shown absolutely nothing. It almost makes me think that we should have just taken the year off, instead of trying to replace E3 with basically nothing.

It’s definitely a shame. I wanted to do big posts on everything this year. I wanted to say, hey, we didn’t get a thing called E3, but we still got E3. But instead, this post is smaller than my usual posts and I’m already out of things to say. But hey, there’s always next year.

Before I go, here’s how I did on predictions. I’m giving myself credit for three. Technically, No More Heroes 3 gameplay was shown, Suda 51 was just standing in front of it. Fable got announced, so that ones indisputable. And a new Skate was announced, and there was no reason to assume that it’s not Skate 4, meaning that I got a shot in the dark prediction right for only the second time ever. If more info for that game comes out and it’s definitely not the next mainline Skate game, I’ll amend this post.


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