Fire Emblem Awakening Check-In: Week (?) 4

It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these. Week 3 came out in October. The funny thing is, I actually played my weekly chunk of the game all the way back then, but just never got around to writing about it. Which means, my memory of the events are hazy at best. So, this is going to be a real fun one. But before we start all that, we need to go through some numbers. I’m currently on chapter 15, I’ve played about ten and a half hours, and Ivan Ooze is level 15.

On the last episode, we had fought our way through Plegia’s army, murdering fan favorite charcter Tharja along the way, all to save Emmeryn. Unfortunately, Emmeryn ended up killing herself anyway. Now, the party makes their escape. As they do, they’re ambushed by a group of Plegians, led by General Mustafa.


Mustafa seems like a pretty cool guy, honestely. He fully understands Chrom’s anger and states that he’ll protect Chrom if he surrenders. Of course, we don’t surrender. After some fighting, a Plegian soldier tells Mustafa that he doesn’t wish to continue fighting, that it doesn’t seem right. Mustafa allows anyone who’d like to stop fighting to leave, saying that he’ll take any punishment that results. The soldiers decide to stay, as they’ve found a cause worth fighting for, loyalty. But whatever, I kill them all. Moving on.

So, Chrom is obviously pretty upset about everything that’s happened. But thankfully, all the other party members are there to tell him that he’s a pretty cool dude and he should take the attack straight to Plegia and take out King Gangrel. Chrom agrees, and we all go straight back to Gangrel.


The Plegian army is in complete disarray. It sems that Emmeryn’s actions spoke to them and now they don’t want to fight. So, that’s neat. We kill the soldiers that are still in our way and get to Gangrel. He boasts a lot, but whatever, we take him out. The Plegian army surrenders and everything is great.

Suddenly, Sumia runs in and gives Chrom a big hug, almost choking him out. Everyone else decides to give them their space. Chrom tells Sumia that he feels like a disappointment, but she says that’s not true. Suddenly, Chrom’s all like, “Hey, how about we get married?” And she’s like, “Yeah, neat.”


Cue a time skip! There’s been peace between Ylisse and Plegia, and Chrom and Sumia have a baby daughter named Lucina! Suddenly, a soldier from Regna Ferox shows up requesting aide from Ylisse.  Apparently, Valm, a country to the West of Regna Ferox has invaded. Everyone packs up to leave, and thankfully, Sumia gives Lucina to a wet nurse to be taken care of. If I couldn’t take Sumia I would have been pretty upset, she’s one of my better units.


So, we all get to Ferox and find the enemy commander, Dalton. He says that if everyone gives up every possession as well as the Fire Emblem, they will be spared. When one villager asks how they can survive without their stuff, Dalton simply murders him. Then we show up and kick the crap out of him. Unfortunately, we’ve taken heavy losses and the city is in shambles.

The problem seems to be that Valm’s greatest strength is their calvary. Ivan suggests that we get boats and intercept them at sea. Chrom’s not real cool with this idea, but he’s eventually convinced that he should at least ask. They send out a message, and Plegia agrees to meet and talk about it.

When they arrive, they meet the new king of Plegia, Validar. He’s the same butthole who tried to assassinate Emmeryn way back when! But, we killed him! Anyway, Validar agrees to give us ships, but no soldiers to help us out. Good enough for us. But, before we leave, Validar introduces us to someone, Ivan Ooze! He looks exactly like our main character and even has the same name! So that’s a weird thing. But, they leave us without really explaining anything.


That night, Ivan suddenly has a vision of Validar. He’s all like, “Hey I’m a Grima worshiper and also your father, pretty cool right?” And Ivan’s all like, “Um, no.”  They go back and forth for a bit. Then Chrom shows up and Validar vanishes. Ivan explains what’s going on and how he’s confused about who he really is and all that kind of stuff. Chrom says it’s cool, don’t worry about it, but then zombies attack!

At the end of the fight, Chrom almost gets himself killed, but is saved at the last second by Luci-er-Marth! Marth asks if he’s okay, but accidentally calls him “father”. Chrom asks what that’s all about, and Marth reveals the truth, she’s Lucina from the future! I can’t even believe it! Sumia sees Chrom talking to the mysterious lady and gets super jealous, but then Lucina says that she’s her daughter. So, hey, Lucina is now a permanent addition to my team!


We take our newly acquired boats and supplies and head off to sea. Shortly after, a much larger group of Valmiese soldiers appear. It doesn’t look good for us, but Ivan has a great idea. We’re gonna board one of their ships and take out their commander, then light our boats on fire and ram them into the bad guys! Brilliant! Anyway, it works, I guess. And that’s where I’ve left off.

So, was it worth the five month wait? Well, the good news is, as long as all things go as planned, the next one should be up one week from today! Let’s see if I can make that happen.

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