Sony’s Press Conference Falls Short Of Greatness

As I mentioned in my post about the Microsoft press conference, I’m a bigger fan of Xbox platforms than Sony ones. But even I can’t deny that Sony consistently has had the best E3 press conferences the last few years. From destroying the Xbox One’s nonsense DRM policies, to launching the PS4 at $100 less than their competition, to revealing dream games like Shenmue III and Final Fantasy VII Remake, Sony always brings their A game to E3. Which is why it’s a pretty  big bummer for me to say that I felt let down this year.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t good things at the show. It’s just that very little of it was a surprise and what was a surprise wasn’t that impressive. They opened the show with a look at Uncharted The Lost Legacy. I like Uncharted just fine, but this is a game we already knew about. And yeah, it looks like Uncharted. I’m sure it’ll be great. After that, we got news of a DLC expansion to Horizon: Zero Dawn. I don’t think that had been previously announced, but it’s still an expansion to a game that’s only a few months old. Nothing that makes me sad that I still haven’t gotten a PS4.

One of the big reveals that I’ve seen a lot of people talking about is Shadow Of The Colossus. I love the original game, however this feels really unnecessary. We already have an HD re-release of the original PS2 game on PS3. Do we really need the game again on PS4? At least it does look pretty, I’ll give it that. But if you’re going to do a revival, it should be something that needs to be revived. Not something that got revived relatively recently already. Much like Uncharted though, I’m sure it’ll be great. I just can’t get excited about it.

On the flip side, Monster Hunter World was announced and looks great. I love Monster Hunter, although I only got into it with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, so I’m still a bit of a newbie. Still, it was great to see a Monster Hunter game that looks this good. The environments were detailed and destructible and the Monsters have never looked better. Worth noting though that this game is not exclusive to PS4. So yeah, this got me really excited, but I don’t need to run out and buy a console.

God of War looked great. I’ve never been a fan of the series, but I love the new direction it’s taking. The combat is still brutal, but doesn’t look nearly as mashy as it used to be, and I really like that the story seems to be about Kratos struggling with being a dad, rather than just being really angry all the time. As I have never cared for these games, I don’t think I’ll end up playing it, but I do think it looks great.

The show ended with an exclusive that I absolutely do want to play. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on this blog, but I’m a huge comic book nerd, and Spider-Man is one of my favorite characters. It’s great to see a major game developer like Insomniac take on a Spider-Man game, instead of one of Activision’s B-Teams. The game itself looks like a more fast-paced version of the Batman: Arkham games, which is fine by me. And it’s great to see characters like Mr. Negative and Yuri Watanabe make appearances, since they’re not characters you usually see outside of the comic books. I really liked what I saw and will definitely pick it up when I some day own a PS4.

The Sony conference was not bad, it just wasn’t very exciting. When you compare that to Beyond Good And Evil 2 being announced earlier in the same day, it’s hard not to be disappointed. Hopefully next year, Sony will come back swinging.

And before you go, I need to update you on how I’m doing with my E3 Predictions. I got no predictions correct, which has quickly become the trend this week. I almost got my God Of War one right, but the release date is early 2018, not this holiday. This brings my current total to 2/15 correct.

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