So… Where’s the New TMS Check-In?

As you’ve probably noticed, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Check-In is late this week. Both it at the previous Check-In series, Xenoblade Chronicles X, are due every Sunday. Unfortunately, as I write this, it’s just about 8:45 on Monday and I  don’t have it ready yet. So, what’s going on?

On Sunday, I had to work, followed by a fantasy football draft, and then I had to be in bed early before work the next day. I had hoped to squeeze it in somewhere, but it didn’t happen. Okay, so I’ll just do it on Monday. Well, the last few days, I’ve been experiencing some pain in my chest, so I went in to urgent care to get it checked out. They sent me to the ER and I basically spent my day there. I’m okay, but there went all my time to write about JRPGs.

So, Week 3 of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Check-In should be out tomorrow. And since I have your attention, I’ll fill you in on what to expect from the blog. Wednesday will be Random Game Wednesdays, like always. Also, I’m currently playing through Metroid Prime: Federation Force and will review it when I’m finished. I thought about doing a “first impressions” post about it, but I figured since I had already done one of those for Blast Ball, I should just wait until I can review the whole game. And finally, since the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider is almost out, I thought it’d be cool to play the Xbox version so I can offer up my opinion on the game.

So, that’s what’s going on with this week’s Check-In and what to expect coming up. Hopefully there won’t be another delay like this soon. Thank you for your patience!

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